The power of branding photography is attracting and connecting you authentically with your ideal clients
Branding photography is about telling your story and getting in front of your audience often  enough that they can pick you out of a crowd. Think of the most memorable brand you you know of; relative to that brand, how memorable is your brand? 


What i've found. . .

. . .is that most entrepreneurs feel like they are lost in the crowd of a flooded market. They feel like they are not progressing as they hoped and struggle to figure out why.

We all know that people decide what to think of us within moments of seeing us. With everything being online now, our potential customers are meeting us before they ever see us in person.

Are you making the best online first impression that you can make? Are the photos that you put on social media and your website true to your brand? Book a free discovery call now!

so this is like headshots?

Not really. Not to knock headshots, but you need more. Headshots tell the world, “I am professional,” which is excellent. However, people today will look beyond your headshot to your social media and website to see who you really are. Personal branding is the process of curating the story that you tell to the world; branding images are one vehicle that you can use to do that. Personal branding images show off your personality, what you are good at, and how you do your job differently than everyone else that does the same thing you do. Personal branding images help to convey the FEELING that you want your clients to get when they meet you in person. So, no, these are not headshots; these are better.

But can I get headshots with you? Of course. Every branding session includes some time for classic headshots. We all need one or two of these still, but this is not the main focus of a branding experience. 

your personal branding experience

I have created a 3-step process that ensures you will get images that you will love that will support your brand.

Plan – All Custom and full day sessions include a planning session. After you book your session the first step is to plan your session. We will plan everything from locations to what to wear, and even the poses that you love and hate

Session – I have several session options, from minis to full day sessions. Custom session are one location Full day sessions often cover several locations. All sessions allow for outfit changes, in custom and full day sessions you can change your hair and your makeup. Bring your pets. Bring your family. We are going to do what it takes to get the images that you need to tell your story.

Reveal – Immediately after your session we will go through your images and you can pick out your favorites. Then I retouch them for you and you download them to use for whatever you want.