Rediscover Your Authentic Self
in a World of Imitations

Rediscover Your Authentic Self in a World of Imitations

Share Your Raw, Unfiltered Essence

In today's world, the pressure to conform to a curated and filtered image is overwhelming. But what if there was a way to break free and truly celebrate
your essence?

In today's world, the pressure to conform to a curated and filtered image is overwhelming. But what if there was a way to break free and truly celebrate your essence?

Curious about capturing your unique story?

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You're a coach, a creative, a visionary. You've been in business for a few years, and you know your worth. But in a sea of similar faces, you're looking for a way to truly stand out. You value authenticity over trends, and you're ready to show the world the real you. Whether you're an avid reader, a painter, a DIY car enthusiast, or a nature lover, I'm here to capture your essence.

Your Journey to Honest, expressive images Begins Here:

🌟 Embrace Your True Self: Tired of the overly-curated portrayals? This is your chance to be captured in your most genuine state, shedding the polished facades and embracing the real you.

🌟Self-Reflection: Dive deep into introspection, acknowledge your struggles, and celebrate your triumphs. Feel seen, heard, and validated as we embark on this journey together.

🌟No More Overwhelming Photoshoots: Say goodbye to staged and stressful sessions. Experience comfort from attire to setting, making the process as genuine as the outcome.

🌟Instant Gratification:
Relive the magic immediately. No agonizing waits. Together, we'll select and cherish the moments captured right away.

🌟Cherished Tangible Memories: In an age where digital is fleeting, hold onto a handcrafted photobook. A keepsake that lets you touch, feel, and relive your favorite moments.

Styled branding photos can feel capricious and detached. You're looking for a deeply personal, reflective, and genuine portrait experience.

A Half-Day Experience Tailored
for You:

Indulge in a half-day session dedicated entirely to you. Amidst the introspection and photography, enjoy a catered lunch that complements the relaxed and genuine atmosphere of the day.

A Half-Day Experience Tailored for You:

What You Get with the Genuine You Storytelling Session:

  •  On-Location Experience: Whether it's your home or another special location, I bring the session to you.
  • Personal Brand Storytelling Consult: Dive deep into your narrative to ensure your images resonate with your unique story.
  • Photoshoot: Expertly guided to make you feel comfortable and capture your true essence.
  • Catered Lunch: Enjoy a delightful meal during your session, adding to the overall experience.
  • Instant Image Reveal: No waiting. Right after the shoot, relive the moments and select your favorites.
  • 16 Fully Edited Digital Images with commercial use license: Professionally retouched to highlight your best self.
  • BONUS: 8x12 Italian Handmade Leatherette Wrapped Image Book: A tangible keepsake of your experience printed on luxurious 100% Amalfi cotton fine art paper, to cherish forever.

All-inclusive 4-hour session: Comprehensive coverage to capture every genuine moment.

Invest in a timeless testament to the story that is profoundly you

In a world that often blurs individuality, you stand out. Yet, the challenge has always been showcasing that unique essence amidst the noise. When you tell your story, you're not just making photos; you're reclaiming your narrative, breaking free from generic molds, and letting your true self take center stage. This isn't just an investment in images; it's an affirmation of your authentic journey. Step into the spotlight, for this is your story waiting to be told.

Your Story sessions
starting at $2990

Why Me, why now?

Born and raised under the vast skies of Tucson, AZ, I've recently walked a journey of self-discovery that's brought me to the realization that authenticity isn't about how well you can fit yourself into the mold but finally breaking free from it. I've found the source of my burnout often comes from dimming my spirit to fit in. My life is a tapestry of colorful threads, some loud and quirky, others gentle and reflective, and it's about time that I share that unapologetically. I've been labeled - intimidating, loud, weird - but I've learned that these labels often reflect the insecurities of those who cast them, not the essence of who I truly am.

As your photographer, I bring this journey of embracing one's true self to your story session. I've felt the burnout of creating images that felt staged and distant from the heart. But now, I'm on a mission to capture the raw, unfiltered essence of individuals who, like me, yearn to be seen and accepted for who they are. I understand the weight of our masks, the pressure to conform, and the desire to be genuinely represented. With every click, I aim to narrate your story, not a curated version of it. Let's celebrate your unique narrative and let the world see the real, unapologetic you.

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