Three ways adopting a pet will change your life

Have you ever thought of adopting a pet? I would love to tell you about the three ways that adopting a pet will change your life, forever. I’ve had pets my whole life, but Buddy was my first adult pet and nothing from being a kid prepared me for the changes that I personally was about to go through when i added Buddy to my life.

Where it all started 

In 2007, a sad, lonely little dog named Granite was pressed into the corner of a kennel in a loud, noisy, warehouse-style room at the local animal shelter. He remained cowered in the corner, no matter who or how long they tried to get his attention. 

Then, one random Thursday, I found my way to Pima Animal Control Center (now known as Pima Animal Care Center), and that was it! It was the first day of the new me, the person who belonged to Buddy. After a few minutes of trying to coax him out of his corner, I noticed that his kennel card said that he was on sale at 50% off. The worker I finally hunted down said that he had been there less than a week but wasn’t “marketing himself well,” so he would be euthanized in the next 72 hours if he wasn’t claimed or adopted.

Buddy and I went out for a little walk in the play yard, but he didn’t want to walk, sniff, or play; he sat next to me, put his sad little head on my leg, and looked at me with those beautiful amber eyes and I was done. I picked him up from the clinic the next afternoon and never looked back. We were best friends, doing everything together for the next 12 years.

Three ways that adopting a pet will change your life

In those 12 years, I learned THREE really important truths: 

1. Having a pet is life-changing. You can’t just go from having no pets and business as usual and having a pet. Nope. Everything in life changed instantly. How long I could be gone from my house, how late ai stayed out at night, even what I spent money on changed. I now had Buddy, that relied on me for everything from food to room to use the potty to companionship and love. Everything sort of revolved around him now. 

2. My stuff isn’t all that important. After Buddy got comfortable with me and our home, we both realized that he had the same expensive taste in shoes as I did. I lost several pairs of my favorite shoes to his boredom and mischievousness. You know what? It made me mad. Then I realized that, as are most “problems with dogs,” this was my problem. First, I left the shoes where he could get them. I could close my closet if I wanted to keep my shoes. Second, I wasn’t giving him enough exercise, so we started walking more. 

3. Pets are the greatest joy and the most significant hurt I have ever experienced. Buddy was my best friend. My best memories are with him and so are the most painful ones, But I wouldn’t trade the good ones to escape the bad ones for a single second.

My takeaway

Buddy made me a better person, more patient, more understanding, and maybe even better adjusted. He accompanied me everywhere for 12 years, and even though I know life would change without him, camping and traveling haven’t been the same since he left 3 years ago. 

Buddy is why I started pet photography and the inspiration for my business name, Capturing EveryBuddy. I am so grateful for the time that I spent with him. I wanted to give back to the organization that brought him to me, so I started going to Pima Animal Care Center and taking photos of the dogs on the weekends to learn to use a camera and help get some homeless pets as Buddy adopted. Those weekends started my career because I wandered into PACC one September 2007. 

Interested in Adoption? 

I highly recommend these fabulous organizations for more information about animal rescue and adoption in Tucson. 

  • Pima Animal Care Center. PACC has come a long way since 2007, when I adopted Buddy. Today they report over 90% live release rate in a state-of-the-art facility where people from shelters around the world come to learn to how to do what they do. Pima Animal Care Center – Pima County
  • Tucson Rescue now. Started by John Gilbert in 2018 to support senior pets at PACC has found homes forever for over 350 pets. Even though John has left this plane, the organization continues to find homes for seniors, medical needs, and bonded pairs of dogs from PACC. TUCSON RESCUE NOW – ADOPTING SENIOR DOGS
  • Rescue Me Marana is an adoption partner with several rescues in Tucson, offering animals a respite from the busy, noisy kennel in a quiet, safe location at the Marana Outlet Mall. You can find puppies, kittens, and all ages in one easy to get to location.

Did you adopt your pet? I’d love to hear about your adoption journey!


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