Props to Consider for Your Photo Session

Props can be just what you need to bring your personal branding shoot to life. Even the smallest prop can help tell your story. It can also reflect your personal style, giving people a better idea of what you’re all about. This quick list can help you determine which props to consider for your photo session; whether its a branding session or for family portraits, props can make an image.

Pinterest is a great resource if you’re looking for personal branding prop ideas, but it can be a little overwhelming, too, and can lead you down the trendy path, which we are trying to avoid. For this reason, I’ve created this list of the most popular props for personal branding shoots.

Make a Mood Board

If you want to clarify your goals, ambitions, and story, create a deconstructed mood board for your shoot. You can use anything you like for this; let your imagination run wild. Make it interesting using different textures, paints, materials, and photos. Naturally, make sure that it looks professional and not like something your child brought home from school – it will be in your professional photos, after all. You should also ensure that every element you use fully represents your brand.

Consider Your Morning Routine

What do you do to get your day started? Are there any props or rituals you can incorporate into your personal branding shoot that represent what you’re all about? Perhaps you enjoy journaling with a cup of tea in hand? Others prefer to cuddle their pets or spend time meditating. Whatever you do to get going in the mornings, these are all potential prop and setting options for your personal branding shoot.

Add in Some Food and Drink

Another way to connect with your audience is to incorporate food and drink into a few of your shots. Having something as simple as a cup of coffee in your shot can help your audience connect with you. This might sound cliche, but no rule says you should take these shots stereotypically. Add in other personal objects to ensure the photos relate back to you and don’t look like generic stock photos. For example, adding a copy of your favorite book or one of your products is the perfect way to make the shot more personal.

Use Your Tools of the Trade

What do you use to get your job done? These can all be used as props too. This can be anything from a laptop and smartphone to scissors, flowers, or a microphone – there are no limitations. If you offer a service, try to incorporate your trade tools with an appropriate setting. For example, take photos in your kitchen if you make wedding cakes.

Finding a prop for your personal branding shoot doesn’t need to be difficult. You’re surrounded by potential props every day; you need to look hard enough and think outside the box.

Whatever you bring make sure that your photographer is prepared to shoot with props. If your photographer offers a planning session, which they should, you both should discuss and plan this at that time. Custom and Brand Builder sessions with C. Eaton Photography include a planning session, don’t settle for less than the best; upgrade your branding session to a luxury experience with C. Eaton Photography.

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