4 Proven Ways to Strengthen Your Personal Brand

Branding is all about making something more desirable by highlighting its uniqueness and value. This basic branding principle is usually associated with products and services, but it’s relevant to personal brands too. So much of what we do to make a product or service stand out amongst competitors and appeal to customers are tactics that can be applied to our own brands. Here are some proven ways to strengthen your personal brand:

Give Them Something to Remember

When it comes to marketing a product, giving it a personality and using eye-catching visuals can help it stand out – the same applies to your personal brand. Look at ways that you can be more distinctive in your market. What is it about your personal brand that you love and that others are always complimenting you on? What are your best skills, and what energy and working style do you bring to projects?

Be Visible

Visibility is key in all types of marketing. If customers don’t know about you, they can’t interact with or buy from you. Consumers are inundated with so many choices that you have no choice but to be visible and stand out too. Being visible means, you’ll stay top-of-mind in your industry and professional network. Along with having a strong online presence, get out there and speak at events, join networking groups in your area, and engage with your audience.

What’s In It for Them?

If you want customers to sit up and pay attention, tell them what they will gain. Marketers know that focusing on the features of products will only get you so far. Customers want to know how they will benefit by making a purchase. Why should people work with you? Pair what you offer with the value you will bring to the lives of those who partner with you if you want to stand out.

Tell Them Why

What is it that drives you to do what you do? When you’re passionate and authentic and do meaningful work, you automatically build trust and credibility. Decide what’s essential to your dream clients and see where you can build a link between that and why you’re offering what you do. Take it a step further by making a point of being more authentic in your communications. Your customers want to get to know you and connect with the person they’re thinking about partnering with or doing business with.

A memorable, authentic, and visible personal brand will always stand out amongst the rest. All it takes is finding the right angle, understanding your audience, and being clear about the what and why behind your brand.

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