Ways to Deal with Pet Hair and Odor

Can we take a minute to talk about something almost every pet parent dreads and ways to deal with pet hair and odor? 

Although pet hair and odors are a small price to pay to have our furry ones at home with us, the fuzz and funky smells can sometimes seem overwhelming!

My Buddy got hair everywhere. Under the couch, on the furniture, and even in my clothes. And if I’m honest, Buddy was a shedding, smelly mess I loved with all my heart. 

I know enough pet parents to know I’m not the only one dealing with this.  

Over the years, I’ve found some of the easiest ways to keep my home as fur and odor-free as possible.

Here are a few of the things I do to tackle pet odor and hair in my home:

Tip # 1: Throw your pet’s linens in the washer. 

Buddy sure loved his big fluffy bed. Ugh, but did it get smelly.  

I invested in washer-safe fabrics and sturdy bedding that can easily be washed. I always like the beds they have at Costco. They are both durable and comfy.

Pro tip: Use pet-friendly, odor-busting detergent.  Don’t forget to wash your own bed linens, too, especially if Fido loves lounging on them. 

Tip #2: Let in some fresh air  

Fresh air makes everything better. When the weather is nice, I like having all the doors and windows open to air out the whole house. Make sure your screens are secure, though—especially if you have a door-dasher! 

If you can’t air your space out, or it’s too hot or chilly to open the windows, an air purifier may help. Many clean the air by filtering out particles that cause bad smells.

Tip #3: Groom your pet. 

Bathing, brushing, and trimming your pet’s hair regularly reduces annoying odors and makes your pet look great.

Regular brushing helps keep your pet’s coat and skin healthy and makes your pet more comfortable. Brush your pet outdoors, if it’s safe, or vacuum after an indoor brushing session. And remember, if you come across any mats in your pet’s fur, seek a professional’s assistance.

Thinking of grooming your pooch at home? Check out my tips for at-home grooming

Tip #4: Keep a few lint rollers around

Lint rollers are perfect for picking up your pet’s hair. I used mine on everything from clothes to the bed to the couch and even the curtains.

Don’t limit them to your clothes. They are great on any fabric and furniture.

If the lint roller doesn’t work, you can try duct tape for any fabric surface or a pumice stone for carpeting.

Tip #5: Get a check-up

Shedding is normal. Excessive shedding is not. An active dog can get somewhat smelly, but if the smell is strong from your pet’s skin, mouth or ears, your pet may need more than regular home grooming.  Medical conditions, infections, allergies, poor diet, stress, and anxiety may result in shedding or odors that need your veterinarian’s attention to check for serious health issues. Proper treatment can help your pet live better and help reduce odors or loose hair. 

Having a pet means you will deal with hair and odors from time to time. It’s part of pet parenthood. What do you do around the home to deal with hair or odors? Let me know! 

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