Create a Successful Personal Brand on Instagram

Instagram is one of the best places to create buzz, from product brands and photographers to influencers. However, to be successful on Instagram, you need to stand out. If you want to use this popular site to build and grow your personal brand, there are a few basics to create a successful personal brand on Instagram.

Your Insta Strategy

Before you can start creating content and gaining followers, you should have the following in place:

  • Objectives. What do you want to achieve by starting this account? By being clear on your goals, you’ll better understand the content you should create.
  • Audience. Who is your ideal target audience? Spend time getting to know what makes them tick – this will also help your content strategy.
  • Niche. What is your unique selling proposition? Choosing a niche is critical because you can’t be everything to everyone.
  • Schedule. How often will you be posting? Have a basic schedule in place that you can start building on.

Instagram Tips for Personal Branding Success

Stay Consistent

If you want followers to trust you and start engaging with your brand, you need to be authentic and consistent. From your tone in your copy to your branding visuals, ensure that your followers can instantly recognize you and your content.

Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are important because they’ll increase the visibility of your content. Get creative with your hashtags, make them specific, and ensure they speak to your personal brand. You should also spend time doing a bit of research to pick up on trends and find inspiration.

Show Them Who You Are

Instead of using a logo as your profile picture, opt for a professional headshot instead. Every entrepreneur and influencer needs professional photos highlighting their brand personality and style. These headshots are ideal as profile photos and can be used as Instagram posts too. Your followers want to know what you look like.

Get Sharing

Get involved in your online community by sharing and liking content that you find interesting or that your followers will enjoy. You start building genuine connections with your Instagram community by being more involved and engaged. Just don’t go overboard.

Be Detailed

Go all the way with each of your posts. Include high-quality images, the right hashtags, location tags, and clear calls to action. Make each post as detailed and engaging as possible if you want to stand out. It also helps to get your followers involved every now and then by asking for their opinions.

Instagram can be one of the best platforms to give people an inside look at your personal brand. Keep it interesting, stay consistent, be authentic, and you’ll be instafamous in no time at all.

Build an image library

Reaching out to a local photographer to help build your image library to create a successful personal brand on Instagram. A brand photographer will help you work out things like your ideal client and how you want your brand to speak to them. Candice with C. Eaton Photography can help you do just that so that your Instagram tells your story your way.

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