Top Tips for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Banner

It might seem minor in the grander scheme of LinkedIn profiles, but optimizing your LinkedIn banner can affect how potential customers and employees see you.

Your LinkedIn banner is that background image at the top of your profile. When used correctly, it can help reinforce both your skills and brand. Taking the time to optimize your profile’s written and visual aspects can create a more cohesive first impression.

Here are some top tips for making your LinkedIn banner more impactful.

Incorporate your logo and contact information.

Adding your contact details to your banner makes it easier for people to get in touch with you. When your banner also contains your brand’s colors and logo, it becomes easier for potential customers to recognize your brand online. You can even incorporate your brand promise or USP to tell customers what they can expect.

Showcase your passions and interests.

Sharing your passions and interests makes it easier for people to connect with you, and using your banner is a great way to drive more connections. Whether this is a photo of you enjoying one of your favorite hobbies or one that highlights a day in your professional life, it’s a great way to give people more details on what you’re all about.

Market your products and services.

Many professionals use LinkedIn banners to promote their skills, products, or services. This is especially relevant to photographers, designers, and other creative professionals.

Promote an event.

Are you speaking at an upcoming event or launching a new podcast episode? Use your LinkedIn banner to spread the word. Don’t forget to work in a clear call to action for it to have the right effect.

Inspire others.

Depending on your line of business, you could also use your banner image to inspire others. Tools such as Canva make it easy to create an eye-catching image with an inspirational quote. Just make sure that the graphic aligns with your brand’s colors.

If you use LinkedIn to build and grow your network and find potential customers, don’t let your banner image go to waste.

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