A Realtor’s Guide to Getting Great Headshots

Not everybody likes getting in front of the camera, but it can help you stand out in a competitive space. Realtor’s need great headshots to stand out from the crowd.

If there’s one thing that realtors know, it’s that without relationships, sales can be difficult to come by. Showcasing your face using professional photos is one of the best ways to create a memorable and relatable first impression.

Here’s what you need to know about avoiding common photo mistakes and how to make your headshots work for you.

Why You Need Professional Headshots as a Realtor

It makes a professional first impression. 

Photos do much more than show potential home buyers what you look like. They also increase your trustworthiness and likeability. A headshot is an essential building block for forming valuable client relationships.

It’s how people recognize you. 

When people see your headshot regularly, whether online or on printed marketing material, it increases trust and makes you more recognizable.

It helps you stand out. 

Competition in the real estate industry can be stiff, but a good headshot can help you stand out. 

Steps for Achieving Eye-Catching Headshots

If you want your realtor headshots to be better than the rest, here’s what you need to do.

Craft Your Message. 

What do you want potential clients to see when they look at your photo? Do you specialize in luxury properties or family homes in the suburbs? Who is your target market? These are all questions to answer before you take new headshots to ensure your photos send the right message. Your photographer will also likely want this information before your shoot.

Find the Right Photographer. 

Next, you can start searching for the right photographer. Hiring a professional photographer is a must. Not only do they have the right equipment, but your photos will be high quality and give an excellent first impression. Find a photographer specializing in personal branding photos and headshots to ensure the best result.

Choose a Location. 

You could always use a studio for your shoot, but a unique backdrop makes your headshots more interesting. Some options include a natural setting, your office space, a home, city streets with exciting architecture, or even a coffee shop. Ask your photographer for recommendations based on their professional experience.

Create Your Look. 

The outfit you choose should fit in with the message you’ve created. You want to strike a good balance between looking professional and approachable. Stay away from busy patterns and overly large jewelry to avoid taking the focus away from your face. The same applies to your hair and makeup; choose a look that speaks to your personality but still looks professional. If you’re unsure how to style yourself, check out this quick style guide.

Ensure you get enough sleep the night before your photo session and prepare your clothing a day or two before. Your photographer will guide you in how to pose in a way that complements your brand and appeals to your audience. For example, crossing your arms might come across as closed-off and unapproachable, but it can also look commanding if that is the vibe you’re going for.

What to Do with Your Headshots

Once you receive your final headshots, you must update your marketing and general online presence.

Add your headshots to your site’s About and Contact pages and update your profile picture across all social media platforms. It’s also helpful to Google your name to check where your profile might be showing up online – change your profile picture on these sites too. If you have any printed marketing material, such as business cards, get this redesigned too. Start by changing your online presence first, though, as this is where most clients will find you first.

Professionals can’t afford to be without good headshots, especially realtors. Your profile picture helps create a professional first impression and helps people remember you.

If your heashots are over two years old, or you’ve changed the way you look since your last headshot, it’s time to book a session with C. Eaton Photography, LLC. I have half and full-day banding experiences as well as regularly scheduled mini-session days. REach out to find out what best suites your needs.

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