The 2023 Guide to Creating Great Headshots

Nobody can afford to be without a great headshot – not if they want to attract new clients and make an excellent first impression anyway. Use this quick guide to creating great headshots to help you level up your next photoshoot.

Whether you’re still considering a professional photo session or you’ve already booked one, there are a few things to keep in mind when planning your headshots.

This guide will ensure you’re prepared and get the best possible results.

Your Mindset

Before you step into a professional headshot session, you need to adjust your mindset – how you’re feeling shines through in your photos. It’s essential to think about how you want to feel during your session, not what you want people to see.

So, how do you adjust your mindset for a photo session? Don’t take it so seriously; most importantly, do something that makes you feel good. Spend time meditating prior to your session or turn on your favorite tunes and get moving. There are no rules; do what makes you feel good. When your head is in the right space, your personal power and joy will shine through in your photos.

Your Outfit

Most headshots are cropped quite tightly, so what you wear is not a make or break. However, there are still a few things to keep in mind. Unless it fits in with your brand, avoid wearing too much black. Rather look at other colors that look good on you and choose an outfit that matches your brand, especially a shirt or blouse. Check out this style guide for more ideas.

It’s also best to opt for a V-neck, especially if you have a large chest. A top that sits too close around your neck can emphasize your chest. Have a broad upper body? Opt for a blazer to break up your body. Just be sure to create a V-shape by buttoning up your jacket.

If you’re planning to wear accessories, don’t wear anything too bold or shiny – the point is to keep the focus on you, not create a distraction.

Your Makeup & Hair

Makeup is a must before your headshot session, even if you don’t usually wear much or any at all. The biggest priority is to even out your skin tone and remove shine, which can be done with BB cream and a translucent powder. If you’re a woman, adding some color to your cheeks and lift to your lashes is highly recommended. Rather stay away from overly bright colors to avoid distractions.

In terms of your hairstyle, choose something that suits your position, age, and profession. It’s highly recommended that you have your hair and makeup done by a professional if you want the best results. However, don’t go out and try a new style right before your photo session; this isn’t a good time to experiment with your look.

Your Background

Whether you schedule your shoot in a studio or at a location of your choosing, make sure that your background isn’t a major distraction. It’s best to avoid vertical lines, loud colors, white brick walls, and elaborate street art. However, keeping your brand in mind is essential – you want to tell a story, after all.

Your Body Language

People don’t often consider how their body language changes their story. Body language refers to the tilt of your head, your gaze and facial expressions, and the position of your shoulders. Unless you want to send an intentional message, it’s important to pay attention to your body language in your headshots. Squaring your shoulders and looking too serious can make you look defensive more than anything else. Another example is tilting your head too much, which could make you seem childish.

This might seem like a lot to remember, but by being aware of these aspects, preparing for your headshot session, and allowing your photographer to guide you, you can look forward to headshots you can be proud of.

Find A Professional Photographer

Using a professional photographer is your best bet for getting a solid headshot. A pro will know all of the things mentioned here and be ready to create images that make you look your very best and tell your story. Professional headshots aren’t cheap but are an investment in yourself and your brand. C. Eaton Photography, LLC is ready to help you with all your branding photo needs and even has mini-session events that allow you to start or update your branding images affordably.

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