5 Fun Spring Activities to Share with Your Pet

Spring has Sprung! Soon we’ll see Palo Verdes and the Prickly Pears blooming away, and it’ll be time to get out the sunscreen and flip-flops. Check out these fun spring activities to share with your pet.

Now is a great time to share some quality activities with your pet. Try some of these if you’re looking for ways to get your pet in on the Spring festivities.

Framed Paw Print art

Super easy and super cute! Grab some pet-safe ink and fun craft paper to make paw prints of your pet. Once the prints dry, you can frame them. For something extra cute, paint in stems and leaves for a bouquet of paw flowers! Check out some of the fun ideas here Paw Print Art: DIY Flower Painting For Dogs – American Kennel Club (akc.org)

Paw Print Garden Stepping Stones or Rocks

If you have a green thumb or enjoy beautifying the outside of your home, you’ll love this one. Painting, paw-printing, and decorating rocks or stepping stones are fun for the whole family.

If you’re decorating rocks, you’ll probably find them for free in your garden or neighborhood. If you’re making a decorative stepping stone, there are lots of kits online, too, like this one. Just make sure they are made of pet-safe materials.

Let your imagination run wild! Colorful paint and other objects can be added to cement kits to give your stepping stones a unique flair!v

A Doggy Photo Booth

C’mon, party people! Who doesn’t love a photoshoot? Or better yet, call Capturing EveryBuddy Pet Photography for a pro photoshoot of you and your pet.

Level up your photo game with some excellent Easter or Spring-inspired accessories. Cute costumes, a stuffed Easter bunny, flowers, pastel backgrounds, balloon arches, banners, bowties, bandanas, and other fun photo props can bring your pet’s pics to a whole new level. And it includes your pet in the seasonal fun!

Doggy Easter Egg Hunt

Hop into this fun and affordable tradition! Host a doggy Easter egg hunt in your home or outdoors. You’ll need plastic Easter eggs and small, healthy treats like these.

For the Easter eggs, make sure you grab sizes that are appropriate for the dogs. You also want eggs with small holes so dogs can sniff out the treats inside.

Put 1 or 2 small treats in each egg and hide them. You don’t have to hide them in hard places to make this fun and remember not to put them somewhere that could be dangerous.

Remember that this is not a good activity for dogs who chew on plastic or crunch things up enthusiastically.  Closely supervise the activity to keep it safe, and watch for any signs of aggression between dogs, dogs who start chewing on the plastic instead of the treat, multiple dogs going for the same egg, and dogs who look lost or need some guidance.

Try something new

Spring is about coming back to life after a winter’s sleep. Nature awakens, people refresh their living spaces, and it’s a great time to give your pet something new, too.

Try a new activity with your pet, like walking a new route, installing a catio or new ledges to birdwatch from, enrolling in a training class, teaching new “tricks,” having playdates, or hiking a new dog-friendly trail

You can also refresh some of your pet’s belongings. A new bed will spruce up your home for spring and give your pet something new to sniff and cuddle into.

What are you going to do to make this season extra special for your pet? Send me a message and let me know!

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