Hop Into These Hero Pet Stories

Life’s been crazy lately. The year is already speeding by, before we know it, it will be the dead of summer here in Tucson, and we’ll all be hiding in our AC for days on end. Check out some of these hero pet stories.

Let’s take a little break from life’s daily worries and enjoy some feel-good, heart-warming stories about fantastic animal and human heroes who made the world a whole lot better for one another.

This cat’s mom gets to the hospital just in time, thanks to her cat

The story of Billy the cat is special. He woke his human mom Sam up at 4:30 am drenched in sweat and unable to move, Sam knew something was seriously wrong and rushed to the hospital!

We often hear about dogs saving people’s lives, or how cats are indifferent, but all of our pets love us in their own special way and I have to think that they feel bad for us when we are sick or hurt. So, it’s not terribly surprising that a cat would save their owner too.

A Sensitive Golden Retriever is a hero for a mom and her unborn baby

Pregnant Brittany Welsh captured her Golden Retriever Charlie warning her that something was wrong with the baby. Find out what serious pregnancy complication Charlie was alerting his human mom about!

We already know that dogs can sense things like cancer and seizures, but to be able to alert a human to complications with their pregnancy is pretty darn special.

Who says a cat can’t be a watchdog?

Check out this heartwarming story of a beloved cat dad saved by his calico, Bandit. When two men tried to break into his home, Fred Everitt’s cat did what she had to do to alert him.

Another hero kitty going all out for their human. Somebody get Bandit a lifetime supply of catnip, please.

Meet Frankie, the goose who was saved by his human mom

Frankie’s mom loves him a lot. While breastfeeding her human baby, Cait Oakley scared off a bald eagle attacking Frankie, the pet goose. Watch the video of this daring rescue here.

People can have all kinds of animals as pets and even bod with them in uncommon ways. This human mom wasn’t having any of that eagle’s nonsense.

A bulldog and chicken become BFFs

Lucky the Chicken and Gus the Bulldog were both adopted by Chandler Coate. Once Lucky realized that Gus was safe, the two form a friendship that is definitely different.

We’ve all got a friend or two that others think is a little odd, so it’s no surprise that these two found a bond.

Just a girl and her canine cruising around the world

Moxie, the globe-trotting German Shepard, spends her days cruising on the back of her mom’s motorcycle. She and her mom, Jess Stone, are working their way through a 90-country route that will take them on five continents: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

I can’t wait until I have my van set up and can start traveling full-time. The first stop I’m going to make on the way out of town is a PACC to adopt my new travel buddy.

Which of these fantastic stories touched your heart the most? Let me know in the comments below

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